Lorian Thompson Profile

Lorian Thompson was honored to be crowned Temple University’s 2014 Homecoming Queen at the annual Temple Owls homecoming football game.

Thompson, who transferred to Temple in fall 2012 from Quinnipiac University, is a senior media studies and production major and is involved in many other activities here at Temple. Her love for all things Temple is what ultimately led her to run for Homecoming Queen.

“I wanted to find to a way to express my love for Temple’s overall academics, athletic focus, and community involvement,” said Thompson, who is a member of Temple’s cheerleading team, NAACP chapter, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and is the Vice President and co-founder of Uzuri Dance Company, a contemporary-based dance group at Temple. “Temple truly does get us real world ready with the copious amount of opportunities that are offered to students.”

Thompson loves meeting new people and considers herself very open-minded. That, along with her passion for the arts, learning, and family, is what made Thompson a perfect candidate to run for queen.

Thompson was pleasantly surprised when her and her running mate, senior criminal justice major Isiah Gill won, because she had no idea they were in the lead.

“My running mate and I worked really hard so it was nice to see it all pay off. I was actually more excited that my running mate Isiah won rather than me,” Thompson said. “His passion for the entire process was apparent from the very beginning, but winning did feel amazing for both of us. The overwhelming joy was unbearable and the winning of the game honestly made the day even better.”

The Temple Owls beat Tulsa 35-24 at the homecoming game at Lincoln Financial Field that day, which added to the excitement for Thompson and Gill.

To run for Homecoming Queen, Thompson had to complete a written application provided by Main Campus Program Board and make a video about herself for them to view. After the application process is complete, MCPB chooses candidates to interview. Once the interviews are done, a select few are chosen to be part of the Homecoming Court.

“Once the court is chosen, it is fair game,” Thompson said. “All court members campaigned and promoted themselves, as well as their platforms, to appeal to the Temple University community.”

After being chosen as Homecoming Queen, Thompson’s duties include following through with the initiatives she set as part of her platform. Thompson’s platform has an academic focus and also includes helping the local community.

“I’ve made it a goal to support and have pride in the 17 schools and colleges we have here at Temple and through this, I hope to see a cultural inclusion as well,” Thompson said. “Through my platform, I want to help Temple create more programs and events towards community involvement, and to better represent Temple as a whole.”

Thompson hopes to make a lasting change at Temple this year by making some adjustments to make things more accessible to the Temple community, as well as working to unite the community that surrounds the university.

Thompson is more than qualified to make these changes happen, after all, she feels extremely proud to be a Temple Owl.

“Everyone has their individual stories that they continue here and share with the larger Temple University community. Your story does not end here. It is only the beginning,” Thompson said. “I would love to help people realize that with opportunities given, along with hard work coupled with passion, there are endless accomplishments to be made. Some say there are limits, and others realize there are none.”