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In addition to publishing work for esteemed dance publications including Dance Magazine, Pointe Magazine, Dance Teacher Magazine, Philadelphia Dance Journal and the arts section of Philadelphia magazine, Chelsey is a college-trained dancer and choreographer. 

Dance writing highlights

Exclusive interview with contemporary choreographer Marinda Davis

Ballet X Summer Series 2015 review (also featured on Ballet X company site)

Exclusive interview with dance icon Desmond Richardson about NextMove dance series

Review of Koresh Dance Company’s Come Together Festival

Review of MOMENT/s by Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers (also featured on KYL/Dancers company site)

Review of Ronald K. Brown/Evidence: Dance and the Spirit

Review of Show No Show at FringeArts

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Dance Photography by: Juan C. Irizzary, Bill Hebert, Andrew Hutchins, Shannen Higgins.


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